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(English) La Mercè 2019, Barcelona’s biggest festival

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September has rolled around once again, summer is drawing to a close and already Barcelona is gearing up for the biggest festival in the city, Fiesta de la Mercè 2019. The Catalonian capital has seen a whole host of amazing neighbourhood parties throughout the summer, but La Mercè is without doubt the most highly anticipated event in the city’s festival calendar.

La Mercè 2019

La Mercè 2019, fun in Barcelona from 20 to 24 September

On 24 September, a public holiday throughout the city, the focal point of Barcelona’s biggest festival takes place, but the programme of activities begins as early as 20 September and goes on until the end of 24 September 2019.

The day serves to commemorate the Virgen of Mare de Déu de la Mercè, Barcelona’s patron saint since 1688, whose basilica can be found in the Gothic Quarter, the nerve centre of the annual festivities.

The activities on offer during the festival are wide-ranging and diverse, and you’ll probably discover a whole other side to Barcelona without even looking. Tradition, fire and music are the three key ingredients of the programme at La Mercè 2019.

Barcelona’s biggest festival, packed full of activities

Tradition is one of the ever-present parts of this special public holiday in the city. The streets of Barcelona will be filled with joy and fun thanks to a number of parades, processions of giants and capgrossos, traditional human towers, fireworks and light shows, as well as fairy tales and traditional figures. Just some highlights from Spanish tradition and folklore that are perfect for the young and the not-so-young alike!

Fire and light are other key elements that no La Mercè Festival would be complete without. Fireworks on Barcelona beach can be seen from far and wide by thousands of people who flock to the waterfront every year for a fantastic display. Another key event is the Piromusical, which traditionally draws proceedings to a close on the final evening and is made up of an amazing firework display along with great music that you can enjoy at the magical fountain of Montjuïc

Finally, something that no Barcelona festival would ever be complete without is all the great music you’ll be able to enjoy. The BAM Festival, Barcelona Acció Musical, will put on a range of great concerts for all musical tastes across Barcelona during the festival season, including at Plaza de Catalunya, Plaza Real and Parc del Fòrum.

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