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(English) Plaza de Catalunya, where two Barcelonas meet

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Barcelona has a thousand different faces and an enormous ability to adapt to everyone’s tastes. But if there’s one place where all the city’s charms converge, it has to be Plaza de Catalunya – the point where the two Barcelonas converge. It’s the nerve centre from which the city’s main avenues and streets all begin, a place that concentrates the entire spirit of Barcelona.

Plaza Catalunya

Historically, the space occupied by Plaza de Catalunya has always been an important part of city life. Found just outside the city’s ancient walls and in front of one of the main access gates, it was once an esplanade where open-air markets could be roamed and explored. After the walls came down, the man in charge of the city’s urban planning decisions, Ildefonso Cerdá, didn’t include any new plazas on his designs as the area was planned to be well-connected enough without them. But Antoni Rovira i Trias proposed building a plaza known as Glorias Catalanas, a place that would be full of stalls, shops, terraces and cafés. This idea quickly won the support of Catalan’s bourgeoisie and, in 1889, building work began. After a number of changes were made to his initial plans, on the instruction of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the plaza was finally opened in 1927.

Ever since, Plaza de Catalunya has formed the central union point between Ciutat Vella and Ensache. It serves as a bridge between the oldest and most historically-significant streets of Barcelona with the more modern and cosmopolitan. It’s the point at which large, imposing streets such as La Rambla meet with Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya.This is the enclave where, every day, hundreds upon thousands of Barcelona’s locals and visitors alike choose to meet and start their days and onward journeys, thanks to the fantastic transport connections that link it with all the main tourist attractions, such as Tibidabo, the Sagrada Familia and El Prat Airport. It’s the perfect location for shopping, enjoying a delicious meal in the area’s many restaurants, or perhaps just a pick-me-up coffee on one of the many terraces, where you can also enjoy the city’s night life and various leisure destinations.

Staying near Plaza de Catalunya is the best way of being close to all the action and Barcelona’s must-see tourist sights.Just 5 minutes’ walk from the plaza, you’ll find the Hotel HCC Montblanc in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Its perfect location gives you the chance to explore the city without having to travel far whilst stay in a beautiful modern building. On Paseo de Gracia and just 7 minutes’ walk from Plaza de Catalunya, you’ll also find the Hotel HCC St Moritz. This historic 19th century building, which has been fully renovated throughout, is the perfect place to stay when exploring all the city’s most interesting sights.

Plaza de Catalunya is a central point for the entire city of Barcelona. At HCC Hotels, we’ll give you all the information you need on Plaza de Catalunya, so you can fully enjoy this cornerstone of our great city.

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