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(English) Places to Discover in Barcelona: Plaza Sant Felip Neri

By | 28 September, 2017 | 0 comments

One of the few places that reflects the vivid history of Barcelona is Plaza Sant Felip Neri, which was home to one of the biggest historical events in the city, the Civil War.

Civil war left Barcelona with terror and death in its wake, sadly just like in any other war, but in this case, it also brought one of the most dismal events of the Civil War to Plaza SantFelipNeri – the death of 30 children from a nearby nursery.

plaza sant felip neri

The constant bombings that occurred during attacks on both sides were to stop this square dead in its tracks, as destiny came calling on 30th January 1938, when a teacher from a nearby nursery school sought refuge with the children in the church – from which the square takes its name – in order to save their lives during the attacks.

At that time, the church served as a refuge before the first bombings. But refuge wasn’t to be found here. The military forces were experimenting with a new technique and, after a few moments when it was thought that the bombings had passed, they turned around to replicate the bombardment all over again, causing an even greater number of casualties. It was at this point that 42 victims were killed in Plaza Sant Felip Neri, including 30 children from the local nursery.

Plaza Sant Felip Neri, signs of living history

Currently, and one of the most interesting things about the square, is that unlike in other cities, where buildings and monuments that showed any traces of the passage of war were removed long ago, in Plaza Sant Felip Neri, we can actually still perfectly see the damage and marks caused during the bombings in the Civil War.

Despite this tragic event, Plaza Sant Felip Neri is home to a truly special charm, one of those places you simply have to visit, it’sclose to the cathedral and gives a spectacular insight into Gothic style. Today, it’s a place where children run freely around square and, by fate or coincidence, there’s now a nursery where today this memory has long been forgotten.

You can stay and enjoy the charm of the Gothic quarter, discovering the essence of the area both by day and night. Leave the hotel and begin your visit around the various Barcelona squares that mark the passage of time in the city.

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