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(English) Baró de Quadras Palace, an Unmissible Visit to a Modernist Palace

By | 21 September, 2017 | 0 comments

Barcelona is a city where you can visit a whole multitude of amazing palaces; in previous posts we spoke about four of them. Manuel de Quadras, an industrialist baron, commissioned the building of this palace, Baró de Quadras Palace to be his home in 1906. He spoke with various architects of the day, but eventually decided on the distinguished Josep Puig i Cadafalch, who reflected the modernist style that Manuel de Quadras had asked and wished for.

You can visit the Baró de Quadras Palace on Avenida Diagonal, very close to Paseo de Gracia, where you’ll be able to explore a collection of some of the most beautiful modernist buildings in Barcelona.


The Palace throughout history

Initially, and in accordance with the original purpose of the building, it served as the Baron’s residence, as mentioned above. Since the palace passed into the hands of the general public, it has taken on many different uses throughout its history.

A music museum and an Asian cultural centre, Casa Asia, have been its principal uses over the years, and the palace remained in this form until its current guise as home of the organisation for promoting the study of the Catalan language and culture, the headquarters of the Ramón Llull Institute.

Visiting and tickets to the Baró de Quadras Palace

Visits to the Baró de Quadras Palace are only permitted when accompanied by a tour guide and there is no free entry to the palace.

The tour lasts approximately one hour and is carried out in several languages, Catalan, Spanish and English. Visits are organised by Cases Singulars, who are known for offering a glimpse into every corner of the palace, explaining its history and how life would have been for the Quadras family.

We recommend you buy tickets for the Baró de Quadras Palace in advance, as there are very few places available on the guided tours.

A great visit through the history of modernism to complete your trip to Barcelona. You’ll be able live through each historic period right up to the present day through the various modernist palaces and buildings in the city.

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