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(English) Planning Your Trip to Barcelona, Berga or Amposta with HCC Hotels

By | 20 October, 2017 | 0 comments

At HCC Hotels, we want to help you make the most of your visit to the city, so here we’re giving you all the information you need to get to know the most popular attractions on your trip to the region.


If you’re planning a visit to Barcelona, Berga or Amposta, these links will be your perfect travel companion, helping you not to waste a second looking for directions, deciding what to see and do or working out where to buy tickets for the main tourist attractions.

Visiting Barcelona with HCC Hotels

Barcelona is a city where you can do anything and everything you could ever imagine. And sometimes this can be a drawback, hearing about so many places to visit before you even begin your trip that you can easily forget about most of them and won’t know where to start.

We want to help you make the right choices and quickly decide what to see and do. We’ve grouped all of Barcelona’s main tourist attractions right here so you can see all the options available to you at a glance. Museums, parks, plazas and markets with detailed information and opening hours. You can even plan a route through Barcelona’s modernism trail, visit Montjuïc or have all the points of interest to hand. As you can see, we’re giving you all the necessary information to make your trip more comfortable and as uncomplicated as can be.

Organised Trips in Berga

So that you can visit the Berguedà region easily, we’ve summarised each of the places you can explore in the area. Plan your trip according to the days you’ll visit, choose the options you prefer and prepare your route with all the information available. The source of the river Llobregat, the Church of Sant Vicenç de Rus or perhaps the monastery of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà are just some of the sites you’ll enjoy here.

Tourist Trail in Amposta

Just as we’ve provided information on exploring Barcelona and Berga, here we present a guide for organising your route through Amposta. Make the most of your trip by visiting the Municipal Market, the Terres de l’Ebre Museum or how about the modernist homes of Amposta too.

In the guides here on our website, as well as those you can pick up from reception in any of our hotels, our goal is to help our guests and to resolve any questions you might have about your trip, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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