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(English) The Sagrada Familia in 2026

By | 23 January, 2017 | 0 comments

In 2026, work on the most famous building designed by Antonio Gaudi will finally be finished and the Sagrada Familia will become the tallest building in Barcelona thanks to the Jesucristo Tower which measures 172.5 metres in height.

The Sagrada Familia is a symbol of Barcelona and the most visited building in the city despite the fact that it is still under construction. The marvel of the building designed by Gaudi attracts visitors as a result of its exterior and interior beauty and the way the light reflects throughout the building creates a harmony of colours that give life to the ‘templo de la luz armoniosa’ (temple of harmonious light) as Gaudi himself described his creation. The skylights and huge glass windows mean that the light shines through from the East as the sun is rising which creates a stunning mosaic of blues and greens which transform into oranges and reds as the sun is setting in the evening. Gaudi’s temple exudes spirituality as well as nature, typical of his architectural style.

2026, the turning point for the Sagrada Familia

2010 was a significant year for the Sagrada Familia following the visit by Pope Benedict XVI and, as a result, the number of visitors increased greatly. 2026 will be another significant year for the Sagrada Familia as construction work on the building will cease after more than a century of work.

Gaudi began work on the Sagrada Fanilia in 1883 and since then many different architects have attempted to finish off the project that Gaudi started many years ago. By 2026, the Jesucristo Tower will be finished and the Nacimiento façade will be restored to its previous state. Visitors who take photos of this amazing building will no longer have their photos ruined by scaffolding and builders and many visitors will return to Barcelona to see the building completely finished.

As well as an increased number of tourists, the end of the building work on the Sagrada Familia will also mean that the skyline of Barcelona will change as the Sagrada Familia will become the tallest building in the city, with a tower that measures 172.5 metres in height.

If you can’t wait until 2026 to see the image of the basilica, take a look at the video ‘construimos el futuro’ (building the future together) that shows a reproduction in 3D of how the Sagrada Familia will look in 2026.

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