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(English) Premium WiFi Connection in HCC Hotels

By | 4 November, 2016 | 0 comments

Here at hcc hotels we have a commitment to our guests to offer the best services available. As a result of our commitment to high quality service, we have updated our technology in order to offer our guests a premium WiFi service which includes a high speed connection and allows participants in events to share and download files and documents.

In all of our hotels we already had installed a fiber optic connection which is available in all areas of our hotels for guests to take advantage of the free WiFi service, but now the service has become even better as we have upgraded to a new WiFi service that makes the connection faster by 30MB and 50MB respectively.

Each event room in hcc hotels has a high speed internet connection with its own network separate from the other guests at the hotel. Also, our premium WiFi service allows users to connect to the same network and share documents using SMB protocol among others without proxy or firewall restrictions.

There are, however, even more advantages to our new WiFi service. Users can take part in videoconferences without any delay, streaming, remote connections to other devices, access to FTPs and other file transferring services as well as file sharing between users. It is without a doubt a service that guarantees an optimum connection for work meetings and those who travel to our hotels for business purposes.

In order to make the most of our new premium WiFi service, it is necessary to contact the hotel before your stay to inform them that you will be using the service. In hcc hotels we strive to make our guests’ guests stay as comfortable as possible as we adapt to all of our clients’ needs.

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