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(English) Dog friendly restaurants in Barcelona

By | 2 November, 2016 | 0 comments

It is a well known fact that dogs are a man’s best friend but often when we go out they take second place and until recently, going out for lunch or for dinner with your pet was unthinkable as dogs had to be left at home or tied up outside the restaurant.

Over the last few years, though, dog friendly restaurants have become more common in Barcelona and now there are many places which allow pets, meaning that it is now possible for dog owners to go out and enjoy a delicious meal without having to leave their dogs at home. Below is a list of some of the best pet friendly restaurants in Barcelona:

Can Solé

Located in Sant Carles no. 4, Can Solé is well-known for its decor and its relaxed atmosphere. It is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious rice or noodle dish accompanied by your pet. 

Sol i Lluna

Sol i Lluna is the perfect restaurant for vegetarians and vegans situated in the Gracia neighbourhood in Calle Verdi no. 50. A dog friendly restaurant which provides a bowl of water for thirsty canines, it without a doubt the ideal place for diners with dogs. 

La Federica

The 60s theme and decor is definitely the highlight of this tapas bar in Calle Salva no. 3 where diners can enjoy a tasty cocktail or a gin & tonic accompanied by delicious tapas. Dogs are allowed and there is a special part of the restaurant for them located at the entrance to the restaurant.

Gran Bodega Saltó

Situated in the Poble-sec neighbourhood in Calle Blesa no. 36, Gran Bodega Saltó is a charming restaurant where diners can find a varied menu and enjoy live music while they eat.


Situated in the Born neighbourhood of Barcelona in Calle Tiradors no. 24, Meneghina has a warm and cosy atmosphere which welcomes dogs, despite the fact that there isn’t a huge amount of space. Specialising in Italian and Catalan food, Meneghina serves many pasta and fish dishes as well as using seasonal products. 

Above are just some of the dog friendly restaurants that can be found in Barcelona. Now diners can enjoy a delicious meal without having to leave their dogs at home!

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