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(English) The best beer houses in Barcelona

By | 25 October, 2016 | 0 comments

Beer is definitely one of the best drinks for the summer months to quench your thirst while chatting with friends. Despite the fact that Spain is not a country well-known for its wide variety of beers, in recent years beer has grown in popularity and now it is possible to choose from a long list of beers.

Barcelona has jumped on the bandwagon and nowadays many different beer houses can be found all over the city which offer a multitude of flavours to beer lovers. On offer are beers from all over the world from traditional beers to the more innovative such as honey or strawberry flavour, as well as craft beer which has grown in popularity over the years. Below is a list of the best beer houses in Barcelona:

Ale & Hop

Located in the Born neighbourhood of Barcelona on Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere 10, Ale & Hop has 10 varieties of beer on tap which changes each week and here beer lovers can enjoy a delicious vegan or vegetarian tapas with their drink.

La Cerveteca

La Cerveteca is a paradise for beer lovers located in Carrer d’En Gignás 25. Here they serve imported beer, craft beer and non-alcoholic beer as well as organising events and courses for visitors to learn the tricks of the trade. Also, La Cerveteca employs professionals to explain all the different types of beer and organise workshops in the bar as well as routes around the city for visitors to enjoy an evening of beer-tasting.

Homo Sibarita

In the Sants neighbourhood in Plaza Osca 4 there is one of the pioneers of natural beer called Homo Sibarita where they specialise in craft beer which isn’t filtered and they have 8 types of homemade beer on tap. Here visitors can enjoy a delicious tapas and artisanal cheese or organic products are their speciality.


Here there are twenty different types of homemade beer on tap and another twenty varieties of international beer on tap so beer lovers can choose from 40 different types! As well as beer, BierCaB is well known for its delicious food which includes dishes such as cebiche or the typical plate of jamón or patatas bravas. It is located in Carrer de Muntaner no. 55 and is well worth a visit.

These are some of the best beer houses in Barcelona where beer lovers can enjoy the taste of an ice cold beer.

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