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(English) The best mountain bike trails for exploring the Ebro Delta

By | 30 January, 2019 | 0 comments

Mountain biking is a fantastic way to discover places of immeasurable beauty whilst enjoying the great outdoors and a spot of active tourism. The Ebro Delta brings together all this and more with the perfect conditions for some fantastic biking days out, whilst also discovering the unique and intimate landscape of the region known for its hugely varied scenery. Cyclists can get to know this most humid part of Spain, discovering the flattest and quietest part of the Ebro Delta, before heading into the mountainous and challenging area of Ports Nature Reserve – only suitable for the most experienced of cyclists.

mountain bike trails Ebro Delta

Once you’re here, it’s easy to see why the Ebro Delta is one of the most popular and highly-recommended mountain bike trails in Europe. Its highly varied terrain offers up a number of fast-paced challenges as you climb to the highest points and get to see the wildest parts of the Delta, as well as the more relaxed trails that run along the rural roads between the water springs and rice fields. All the trails guarantee uniquely stunning views and landscapes that you’ll fall in love with at any time of year.

For more experienced adventurers, the Los Ports trail is highly recommended. The route can be completed in six stages, covering a distance of some 200 kilometres in total. But the difficulty lies in its cumulative elevation of some 5,300 metres. Pedalling along forest tracks and rural roads, you’ll get to know the Catalan treasure-trove of the Tortosa-Beceite Nature Reserve, which houses a multitude of hidden spots and places of extraordinary natural beauty.

Those who prefer a more relaxed mountain bike adventure will find plenty of options in the Ebro Delta Nature Reserve. If you’re visiting as a family, the Ecomuseu – Bahía de del Fangar trail is the perfect 17-kilometre itinerary through a landscape shaped by Garxal beach and some beautiful rice fields. The Lagoons trail is another striking 28-kilometre route, passing the springs at Encañizada and Tancada, where you’ll discover a landscape carved out over the centuries by the Ebro river – perfect for a spot of bird watching, too! And, finally, the Amposta – Casa de Fusta trail takes in the rural roads and bike paths along the Amposta river route and the Encanyissada lagoon as it follows a stunning 27-kilometre journey of discovery.

These are just a few of the great mountain bike trails available to you in the Ebro Delta. At HCC Montsia, we can provide comprehensive information on all the mountain bike trails for you to enjoy here in Amposta.

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