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(English) The Most Exclusive Shops in Barcelona

By | 27 April, 2017 | 0 comments

Barcelona is home to many great tourist attractions, but one of the most special has to be its paradise for shoppers. The most exclusive stores choose Barcelona to establish their luxurious outlets, attracted by the profile of tourists who visit the city and are making it one of the fashion capitals of the world.Tiendas

There are many places where you can buy luxury and exclusive products scattered throughout the main streets of Barcelona. According to the ranking published by consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield, the street with the greatest demand to open a store in the city of Barcelona is Puerta de L’Àngel followed by Paseo de Gracia, their privileged locations making them a site coveted by even the most prestigious of brands.

On these streets you’ll find quality products from the most sought-after companies in jewellery, clothing, fur and accessories.  Here are just some of the most exclusive shops in Barcelona:

– Louis Vuitton: located on Paseo de Gracia at number 82, it offers the most luxurious items from the French label.

– Loewe: on Paseo de Gracia at number 35 we find the home of leather goods and luxury designer handbags, an essential stopping point for those who like to wear exclusive clothing.

– Rabat: while it may not have the big name of some other luxury stores, this jeweller from Badalona offers fine jewellery and watches on Paseo de Gracia at number 99.

– Dolce &Gabbana: the Italian brand markets all of its luxurious products on Paseo de Gracia at number 95.

– Carolina Herrera: the Venezuelan designer shows off all the latest trends in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing at her boutique on Paseo de Gracia at number 87.

– Yves Saint Laurent: at number 102 on Paseo de Gracia the French label sells the finest collection of women’s clothing.

– Cartier: the King of high-end jewellery is located on Paseo de Gracia at number 35.

– Channel: presents their finest designs in their boutique on Paseo de Gracia at number 70.

– Valentino: exploring the unique designs of the Italian designer is possible on Paseo de Gracia at number 108.

These are just some of the shops where you’ll find quality products in the city. Barcelona is certainly one of the most cosmopolitan and luxurious shopper’s paradises you’ll find in Europe.

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