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(English) Street Performers of Las Ramblas

By | 19 April, 2017 | 0 comments

Las Ramblas is one of the most attractive spots where you can enjoy the life and spirit of Barcelona. To explore this vital artery of Barcelona is to start on a journey with no schedule, where you can enjoy the small details and unique sequences of life on Las Ramblas. One of the most striking spectacles you’ll see are the street performers of las Ramblas: human statues, dancers, painters, cartoonists and caricaturists who delight all of the passers-by…Las Ramblas

Barcelona is able to satisfy even the most demanding of visitors, but few areas are able to concentrate as much art and creativity in just a little over a kilometre as you’ll find on Las Ramblas. Everything is planned to ensure good coexistence between artists, locals and tourists alike. And the latter can always count on the sheer walkability of this street.

Starting your journey at Plaza Cataluña, on the Rambla de Canaletes, various artists will welcome you warmly to this picturesque route. You’ll be able to see masked statues, jugglers and artists using only their bodies as bait to dazzle each and every visitor. Showing off his famous ball work,you might even see the very well-knownMaradona of lasRamblas.

It’s also possible to take a souvenir from your tour of lasRamblas in the form of a picture or drawing, thanks to the creativity of the painters and funny caricaturists, to remember your pleasant experience of this avenue.  Most of the artists are concentrated opposite the theatre square.

At la Rambla de los Capuchinosyou’ll find the human statues. True artists who, along with careful makeup and amazing costumes invest many hours and huge dedication -and a frozen, often very uncomfortable position – in managing to seduce their audience and transport them back to ancient times, to storybook characters, evil beings, or even beings of nature… Their immobility is only interrupted by interacting with the public, but only for a few seconds, after which it’s back into position, frozen to remain part of the spectacle that is Las Ramblas.

The musical performances at La Rambla de Santa Mónica conduct the very sound of the city. Street music performances and breakdancing groups, hip hop shows and tango dancers, among many other styles, are just some of what’s on offer to add a musical soundtrack to your journey.

The professionalism of these artists is guaranteed by the City Council. All have presented their candidacy and defended their artistic proposals to a professional jury to ensure the quality and the great theatre of lasRamblas in this corner of Barcelona street art.

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