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(English) Visit to the textile workers’ community in Berguedá

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If you are looking for a different type of trip, how about travelling back in time to the textile workers’ communities in Berguedá? The communities represent the colonies that were built in the second half of the 19th Century during the Industrial Revolution and are a symbol of the lives that the textile factory workers led many years ago.

The textile industry played a significant role in the 19th and 20th centuries and this is shown by the large number of communities that are available to visit, communities which reflect the importance of textiles on life in this area as it boosted the economy and was an essential part of day to day life.

The región of Berguedá, a textile settlement

The region of Berguedá was home to many textile factories due to its location next to the Llobregat river. Many factories were built along the banks of the river in order to use the water for producing textiles and also for disposing of waste.

Along 20 kilometres of river bank there were 15 textile communities and Cal Vidal, Viladomiu or Cal Rosal are just some examples of the textile settlements that can be found in this area.

Go back in time to the lives in textile communities

By walking around the communities and taking part in the activities on offer, visitors can truly understand what life was like for people at such time. The area is absolutely stunning and there is a forest on the banks of the river as well as many allotments and fields. We recommend that you take the opportunity to follow the route on foot or by bike so that you can really make the most of the beautiful countryside and imagine what life would have been like for the workers in the textile factories by visiting the factories, houses, schools, shops, bars and churches of that time. We thoroughly recommend a visit to the Museo de la Colonia Vidal and the Torre de l’Amo de ViladomiuNou, which was built to oversee the community. Similarly, the Visitors Centre at the Iglesia de Cal Pons is definitely worth a visit.Colonia textil de Cal Rosal

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to visit this historical site! Visitors can start exploring from the hotel HCC Ciutat de Berga, where we are waiting to answer your questions and from where you can really go back in time and imagine life in the textile community, and witness firsthand the economic development in the region of Berguedá.

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