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(English) The taste of summer in the best ice cream shops in Barcelona

By | 22 August, 2016 | 0 comments

The ice cream shops in Barcelona offer a huge range of flavours and colours, from the most traditional such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or cream to the new combinations that appear annually in a bid to win over the most demanding ice cream lovers. Barcelona has many ice cream shops that visitors can choose from to taste new and exciting flavours or stick to your favourite!

If there is one product associated with the summer it is ice cream. Although many people crave ice cream throughout the year, particularly in places like Barcelona which have mild temperatures all year round, the summertime is when it is impossible to resist temptation and enjoy an ice cream.

Below are some of the best ice cream shops in Barcelona:


Vioko not only has high quality ice creams but the decoration in the shops makes it worth a visit. Located in Passeig de Joan Bomó, 55, Vioko is known for its elegance where white walls are contrasted with the colours of its desserts and ice cream making it pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Eyescream and friends

The traditional form of ice cream with a cone and one scoop is nowhere to be found in this ice cream shop situated in Passeig de Joan Bomó, 30, where ice cream is presented on a tray in the form of a ghost with two toppings to choose. The form of a ghost comes from a special machine and the ice cream is a mixture of ice cream and sorbet, all they have to do is add to bulging eyes to make it look more realistic!


This ice cream shop is based on the high quality of artisanal ice creams due to the hard work of the ice cream maker called Massimo Pignata who makes his product daily from 100% natural ingredients following a traditional Italian recipe. Situated in Carrer Enrique Grandos, 15-17, here the flavours depend on the products that are in season.

Gocci di latte

Situated in Born, Pla de Palau, 4, visitors can find an authentic gelateria with high quality ice creams of all different flavours including pear, cardamom, guava or even spicy chocolate.

Gelaaati di Marco

Situated in Calle Llibretería, 7, in the Gothic quarter, this artisanal ice cream shop uses only natural ingredients and no conservatives or colouring making it the ideal place for visitors looking for a healthier option.

These are some of the best ice cream shops in Barcelona. Come and visit Barcelona and discover a wide variety of flavours made by the best artisanal ice cream makers.

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