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(English) Three Cafés in Barcelona You Can’t Afford to Miss on Your Next Trip

By | 14 February, 2018 | 0 comments

Barcelona is a city with some of the greatest hospitality in the world, so when visiting, you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to try one of Barcelona’s amazing little cafés. You’ll find them in just about every corner of the city, whether you’re taking a stroll down some of the main shopping streets in Barcelona or exploring some of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Here, we present three charming little cafés in Barcelona that you have to try next time you’re in town.

cafeterías en Barcelona

Bar Marsella, in Sant Pau

Considered one of the oldest and most traditional in all of Barcelona, Bar Marsella stands out proudly from the crowd for being a historic gathering place for some of history’s greatest artists and thinkers.

Since 1820, it has offered friendly and dedicated service, holding onto the essential spirit of the cafés very first owners. Antonio Gaudí, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Ernest Hemingway, to name just a few, have been some of the cafés most famous patrons over the years, who found inspiration at their tables.

Cafés in Barcelona: Mesón del Café, in Jaume I

This historic café opened its doors in 1908 and has held onto its modernist style that remains to this today. The interior design you’ll see all around you retains the originalfeelfrom the café’s opening and is one of the features that draws visitors to this place.

Their coffee is renowned right across the city, so make a stop here and you’ll quickly be enjoying the aroma of one of the best cuppas in allof Barcelona. But they don’t skimp on the desserts, either! Another specialty that’s well worth a try.

Caracas, in Horta-Guinardó

If you’re a coffee lover, the Caracas café is sure to become one of your favourite places to relax in the city. They’re known for offering the most different kinds of coffee from all over the world in Barcelona.

Ever heard of the kopi luwak or civet coffees? In this particular café, you’ll be able to try them both.Considered some of the best coffee in the entire world, theirbeansare harvested only once the civet has digested the ripe fruits in the coffee.

Coffees and teas from around the world adorn the café’s tables, so feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy, immersing yourself in a truly indulgent experience.

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