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(English) Still Haven’t Visited the Barcelona Botanical Gardens?

By | 16 February, 2018 | 0 comments

Barcelona is home to plenty of wonderful hidden treasures and secret spaces, but one of the most special for nature and colour are Barcelona Botanical Gardens. Located on Carrer Doctor i Font Quer, very accessible and easy to reach just next to the Palau de Sant Jordi, the gardens offer an exciting day out for the whole family.

jardín botánico de Barcelona

Barcelona’s Botanical Gardens, open since 1999

The Botanical Gardens as we know them today first opened their doors back in 1999, but theirtrue history goes way back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Pius Font i Quer, a doctor specialising in botany, decided to create a space dedicated to the development and conservation of the florain Montjuïc Park at the beginning of the 1930s. His project lasted many years as the gardens steadily grew and grew, but it wasn’t until 1999 when Barcelona City Hall came in to organise and develop what we now know today as the Botanical Gardens of Barcelona.

The IBB, Institut Botànic de Barcelona, is in charge of coordinating and overseeing the Botanical Garden’s work and research, in keeping with the ideals with which Pius Font i Quer began his adventure all those years ago.

Direct research into endangered species at Barcelona’s Botanical Gardens

One of the organisation’s main objectives is the preservation of various species within the plant world. To rise to this challenge, they use the latest technology to create conditions that favour their preservation.

A visit to the Botanical Gardens of Barcelona is sure to impress everyone who wanders their many paths, as they have more than 1,300 examples of different species from all over the world. On your journey through the gardens, you’ll delve into the five different continents on our planet, observing their plant life in all their natural splendour.

One of the great draws of the gardens is the Wollemia, the oldest vegetable on earth, as well as the Gazanias from southern Africa.

A truly unique opportunity, and one that we at HCC Hotels recommend wholeheartedly for a great day out in Barcelona.

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