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(English) Tour of Gaudí’s work in Berguedá

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The name Antonio Gaudí is almost always associated with the city of Barcelona, where the large majority of his work is located. There are, however, other locations in Spain which have the pleasure of being home to some of Gaudí’s designs and La Pobla de Lillet in the region of Berguedá hosts many of the artist’s works.

One of the many attractions of the region of Bermeudá in Catalonia is the tour of Gaudí’s work, a tour that is not very well-known due to the fact that it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Real Cátedra de Gaudí of the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña declared the architectural designs found in Berguedá to be works of Gaudí. The designs that can be seen are full of vivid colours, in particular the colour green as homage to the beauty of nature.

El Chalet de Catllarás

Once again, Gaudí’s work was inspired by the businessman Eusebi Güell as he commissioned the construction of the Chalet de Catllarás in order to house the engineers who worked in the coal mines that he owned. The simple style of the Chalet is accompanied by a dome to protect lodgers against the snowfall in winter.

The Chalet has recently been renovated and its façade has been replaced with chalk instead of cement.

Los Jardines de Artigas

Los Jardines de Artigas show the generosity of Gaudí as he wished to thank the textile businessman Joan Artigas i Alra for his hospitality while the Chalet de Catllarás was being built by designing gardens for him.

The highlight of the garden is the Llobregat river and the combination of natural elements. There are many similarities with Parc Guëll but the gardens don’t boast as many vivid colours as the park in Barcelona, instead the colour of stone and vegetation is present. Another aspect of the gardens are the Christian symbols as four figures of Evangelists can found in different parts of the garden in the form of the cross.

The gardens are a wonderful place to enjoy a walk and see the sights of the three fountains (la Fuente de la Magnesia, la Fuente de León and la Fuente del Buey) and visitors can cross the bridges to walk by the river listening to the relaxing sound of water while enjoying the visual delights of Gaudí’s work. Unfortunately, work on the garden was interrupted by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Currently, these works by Gaudí offer visitors yet another reason to visit the region of Bereudá and in HCC Ciutat de Bergá we offer guests a wide range of information about the area and the tour of Gaudí’s work.

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