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(English) A dreamy stroll through the white mantle of Berguedà

By | 8 June, 2015 | 0 comments

Can you imagine being able to enjoy a walk with snowshoes around the Pre-Pyrenees, just an hour away from Barcelona by car? The beautiful town of Berga makes it possible thanks to its privileged location at the very heart of Berguedà County, an absolutely dreamy site for nature and snow lovers.

The hotel HCC Ciutat de Berga invites you to live a unique experience and observe some of the most spectacular landscapes offered by this region of the Catalonian Pre-Pyrenees. One of the most demanded trips by our visitors is the excursion with snowshoes, since it is the best way of getting the most out of this site natural charms. Moreover, it is suitable for the entire family and there is no need to be an expert in hiking or skiing to be able to do it.

Snowshoes are items that you can tie up to your boots like skis, but they provide a greater stability and a complete adherence in snowy or frozen grounds. This way, falls are avoided and they prevent the walker from sinking into the snow thanks to their floating sensation. Furthermore, the trip is guided by an expert in order to make it more secure and relaxed. In addition, the path is mostly flat, so there won’t be many slopes hindering your progress. You just need to want to enjoy nature and plunge into the white mantle covering Berguedà.

The three-hour-long activity includes a halt to rest and taste great meals at Refugio de Rasos de Peguera, a former ski station now turned into a charming snow park. A spectacular overview of the whole county can be seen from there, making it a privileged viewpoint. Among other places, the visitor will be able to observe south the silhouette of Montserrat and the Natural Park of Montseny, and, looking north, the Alt Berguedà chains of mountains and the Mountains of Ensija.

A trip through a postcard-like landscape enjoyed by both children and adults which gives an extra value to your stay at Berga and adds to the touristic charms of this lovely and picturesque town.

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