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(English) A wonderful winter in Delta del Ebro

By | 22 December, 2016 | 0 comments

Many people believe that winter is the worst time of year to go out and enjoy nature but there are many beautiful places for people to go and have fun in the snow or other natural beauties that are truly spectacular at this time of year. One such place is the Delta del Ebro, where visitors can really enjoy this magical place in the winter months and make the most of the mild temperatures to go exploring this stunning area located in the Tarragona province.

One of the most beautiful sights to see at the beginning of winter is the rice fields submerged in water. The water over the rice fields creates the effect of a mirror that reflects the sky, which is a stark contrast from the green of the fields that can be seen in the summertime.

Another spectacular sight in wintertime is the Alfacada lake which gets filled up by seawater, especially if there are a lot of storms, thus producing great biodiversity in the area and making it the ideal spot for birdwatchers, as during the winter months many different types of birds can be seen passing by the Delta del Ebro, in particular to name but a few the northern shoveler duck, the white crested duck, the common pochard, wigeons, the black-tailed godwit and the common redshank. The waterfowl that passes the Delta del Ebro does so during the months of November to January and so it is the perfect location for a Christmas or New Year break. Each year, a record amount of birds pass through this area and therefore visitors can enjoy stunning views.

As well as taking in the breathtaking scenery, in the winter months there are a wide range of outdoor activities on offer for visitors and a trip to Amposta to sample the local food is a must.

Visitors to the area should stay in Amposta where our hotel HCC Montsia offers guests all the information and top tips to make the most of the stunning surrounding area and the Delta del Ebro in wintertime.

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