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Discover Barcelona’s best libraries

By | 8 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Ever thought of adding Barcelona’s greatest libraries to your must-see itinerary? In this post, we’ll tell you all about the best-kept secrets of Barcelona’s literary scene, with some of the most spectacular buildings to see and perfectly complete your visit to Barcelona.

Biblioteca de Catalunya

Biblioteca Jaume Foster

Architect Josep Llinàs was commissioned to design this modern, innovative and avant-garde library found at 20, Lesseps, which first opened its doors in 2005. Housing a significant body of bibliographic works, the collection was inherited from the Biblioteca Antoni Julià de Capmany.

The library was named after famous writer Jaume Foster, an active member of the Association of Catalan Writers, who was part of establishing classical Catalan literature as a genre in its own right.

Barcelona’s best libraries: Biblioteca de Catalunya

A truly special and charming library, full of history, here we’re talking about the Biblioteca de Catalunya. The library is housed in the former Hospital de la Santa Creu building, retaining all the charm of the 15th century.

It was one of the few libraries to largely remain open during the Spanish Civil War, exhibiting and promoting culture with more than 3.7 million volumes.

Biblioteca Arús

Writer and philosopher Rossend Arús donated his entire collection of books, as well as his former home, to build this library, which was to serve as a point of reference for researchers and students alike, as well as making culture available to the city’s wider population.

The Biblioteca Arús was inaugurated in 1895 offering more than 20,000 volumes, with new books added each and every year to continue enhancing his legacy. Besides the wealth of culture available, the library also holds plenty of hidden secrets we’d encourage you to discover, such as the replica of the Statue of Liberty, as well as an entire section dedicated to masonic culture.

Biblioteca Sant Pau-Santa Creu

The library can be found in an historic setting. It is part of the former Hospital de la Santa Creu, which moved in the last century to become Hospital de Sant Pau.

Biblioteca Sant Pau-Santa Creu is a library that’s open to everyone, part of the network of libraries in Catalunya. It’s a cultural space that invites reflection, as well as the exchange of ideas to deepen everyone’s knowledge and learning.

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