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(English) Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions, the most playful and visual museum in town

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Optical illusions are interesting effects where our brains are tricked into thinking we’re seeing something different than we actually are. But they can also be a great way to let your imagination run wild and enjoy experiences and situations that can only be seen through the magic of illusion. At Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions, visitors can enjoy the best visual trickery in the world, experiencing an unforgettable few hours as they’re swept away in some amazing optical illusions.

Museo de las ilusiones de Barcelona

Celebrate scoring a goal with FC Barcelona, feel the sheer adrenaline rush of being chased down by a shark or a lion, travel to some of the most amazing parts of the city without having to move a muscle, or be the lead in a whole host of other incredible stories and adventures… just some of the great experiences you can try out at the Museum of Illusions. At 17 Calle Pintor Fortuny in the Raval Quarter, more than 600m2 of space awaits, every inch designed to make your visit an amazing day out where you can enjoy a multitude of different experiences and situations thanks to optical illusions and brilliant use of perspective.

We certainly recommend you take your camera and/or mobile so you can snap some great selfies in places and situations you’d only ever be able to try at Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions. A visit here is the perfect family day out. Kids get to see situations first-hand like never before, with every one of their five senses coming to life around every corner of the museum, helping them take centre stage in some of their wildest dreams and fantasies. It’s also a great place for the more mature visitor to interact with illusions and get carried away by some of the fantastic scenarios.

Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions: The first in Europe

Barcelona is a pioneering city when it comes to these kinds of museums. In fact, the city is home to the only Museum of Illusions in the whole of Europe. More than 20 artists have worked tirelessly to create the perfect space for the great game of trickery that is optical illusions. Barcelona’s museum joins Russia’s six!

The museum is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm, with tickets costing €10.  Come to Barcelona and let yourself be carried away in the wonderful world of optical illusions.

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