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(English) Bike tours through Amposta

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The scenic beauty and unique terrain of the Delta del Ebro makes it one of the very best regions in Spain to discover as you get lost in all its magical treasures by bike. The Delta has plenty of great routes for enjoying as a family or with a group of friends whilst enjoying amazing nature and some healthy outdoor tourism. Amposta is a fantastic base camp for exploring the region and our HCC Montsia Hotel is the perfect place to start and end a day of cycling through the stunning Delta del Ebro.

Rutas BTT Delta del Ebro

The pleasant temperatures of early autumn in the Delta del Ebro, the unsurpassed beauty of the most famous geographical accident on the Iberian peninsula, along with all the charm of pedalling through the countryside, surrounded by rice fields and rivers, are just some of the main attractions on cycle routes through Amposta. The region offers plenty of options for all tastes and abilities, but today we’ll focus on two of our favourite routes: Amposta – Casa de Fusta, a low‑difficulty 27.4km trail, and the Camino de Sirga del Delta route, a medium-difficulty 43.2km trail (there and back).

Amposta – Casa de Fusta

Just two minutes’ cycle separate our HCC Montsia hotel on Avenida de la Ràpita from the starting point of this particular trail, the Tourist Information Office in Amposta. Once there, it’s time to start your 27.4km route that runs along dirt roads surrounded by rice fields, orchards and some amazing trees. The route also includes a small section of road where you’ll need to exercise extreme caution.

Some must-sees along the way include: the springs (ullals) originating from the water up in the mountains of Montsia and Beceite, where you can enjoy the beauty of the white waterlilies and the meandering fish, such as the samarugo and the colmilleja; the panoramic views of the Sierra de Montsia, and – of course – Casa de Fusta itself. This casa dates back to the 20s, but now serves as the Delta del Ebro Information Centre, the perfect place to find out all about the local flora and fauna, whilst taking the opportunity to regain your strength and continue on the trail to Els Ullals, before returning to Amposta.

Bike tours through Amposta: Camino de Sirga del Delta

This route requires a certain amount of physical fitness, given the distance of43.2km involved and the fact it takes around 6 hours to complete a full round trip of thismedium-difficultytrail.

The circuit also begins at the Amposta Tourist Information Office, where you’ll continue along the Ebro river and get to see some of the amazing features of the local area, including the sínia, a water wheel that scoops up the river’s water to irrigate nearby fields; a range of small islands, such as Sapinya and Gràcia Island; visit the Barracas del Delta Interpretation Centre in Sant Jaume before finishing off at the Migjorn River, at which point the outward leg of your 21.6km journey comes to an end. If you prefer, you can complete the full route of more than 43km by heading back on the road towards Amposta.

After a busy day of cycling, you’ll find the perfect hotel for resting at the HCC Montsia, a great place to recall all the incredible sights and sounds of your day that only the Delta del Ebro can offer.

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