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(English) The 5 Best Natural Juice Places in Barcelona

By | 13 September, 2017 | 0 comments

Make a pit stop along the way! Enjoy a natural, freshly‑squeezed juice, feel refreshed and continue your adventures around Barcelona. More and more often, we’re looking for healthy choices, products with vitamins that fill our bodies with positive nutrients, that’s why we’re showing you the five best natural juice places in Barcelona to enjoy.


Mother, el Raval

Have you heard about cold‑pressed juices? These are juices that preserve absolutely all of the nutrients and vitamins owing to their innovative preparation. This method uses a specialist juicer with hydraulic press for cold‑pressing fruits and vegetables, thus conserving all the good properties of your juice. Mother is a specialist in this method, so don’t miss the chance to sample one of their juices.

Mercado de la Boquería, las Ramblas

The Mercado de la Boquería, besides being the best place to buy just about any ingredients, offers you the chance to taste freshly‑squeezed juices. Upon entering the Boqueria, you’ll see the huge range of colourful fruits and vegetables, all perfectly positioned, meaning you won’t be able to resist giving one a try.

Natural juice places in Barcelona: Greenshots, calle París

Another of the brands specialised in the cold‑pressed technique. Greenshots is specialised in cold-pressed vegetable juices. We recommend trying something a little different, a juice made with beets, spinach, broccoli, chard and ginger, just a small sample of its extensive range of ingredients.

Juicy Jones, Gothic Quarter

Juicy Jones brings vegan culture to the Gothic quarter. In addition to being a natural juice specialist, they also offer vegan dishes, so you can eat something and enjoy a delicious juice following the vegan dietat the same time.

La Bordiny, calle Jaume I

Head to calle Bordiny and you’ll be immersed in an exotic atmosphere, a perfectly designed space for you to take advantage of all the colourful fruits and vegetables used in their juices. Known for organising fruit mosaics in their window displays, before tasting one of their freshly‑squeezed juices, you’ll be able to enjoy the colourful jigsaw of their ingredients.

Healthy, different, refreshing options, all full of energy, so you can continue your visit to Barcelona in style. Pick one to try on your travels around the city and you won’t be disappointed.

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