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(English) The Octopus and Rice Food Festival in the Delta del Ebro

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Alongside the incomparable beauty of Spain’s Delta de Ebro region, its rich landscape and vast ecological significance, visitors to this beautiful part of the country can also enjoy some particularly tasty delights for foodies. The Delta del Ebro is world-famous for its exquisite cuisine – with rice and seafood often taking centre stage – where octopus also plays a starring role at certain times of year. From 16 September until 6 October, the Tarragona town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita will play delicious tribute to these two particular treats, as part of its Octopus and Rice Food Festival.

Octopus and Rice Food Festival


A total of 20 restaurants will offer up succulent menus of octopus and rice, allowing visitors to embark on a culinary tasting trip through the great seafood and rice culture of the town of Rapitense. Prices during the food festival range from 30 to 38 euros and will allow you to savour some delicious local dishes, including rice with octopus and mushrooms, grilled octopus with a soft alioli sauce, sweet rice with octopus and prawns, cannelloni octopus and shrimp in a mushroom cream, along with plenty of other great options. You can see all the menus here.

Food Festival in the Delta del Ebro

Alongside the Octopus and Rice Food Festival, the local tourism board, in collaboration with a number of other organisations, has launched the Food Quarter at La Ràpita Municipal Market, where visitors can taste some of the best recipes from local chefs made with traditional produce available at the market. An excellent way to quench your appetite and thirst after a busy morning of market shopping!

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