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Art and culture deep in the heart of Barcelona: La Escocesa

By | 20 March, 2020 | 0 comments

Art and culture thrives on the streets of Barcelona, where every step you take through the city will uncover new wonders and delights. One hidden treasure you might not have heard of is La Escocesa, which has become a unique corner of artistic expression thanks to the creativity and originality of locals.

La Escocesa

A creative escape in an 1852 factory: La Escocesa

In 1852, the factory’s amazing story began as part of the textile revolution. La Escocesa was a hub of manufacturing for chemical products used on textiles in the rest of the city’s factories.

But it wasn’t until the late 1990s that the factory was closed and took on a second life as it was transformed into a creative hub to reflect and express Barcelona’s thriving cultural and artistic scene. Since 2008, Barcelona City Council has handed responsibility for running La Escocesa over to the Associació d’Idees who run the building and former factory as a breeding ground for new and exciting ideas.

New artistic and cultural ideas thrive at La Escocesa

La Escocesa serves as a benchmark of the city’s cultural and artistic side, extending its creative ideology to anyone who wants to get involved. To help with this, the coordinating committee ‘22@’ is an active force made up of residents, local businesses and universities in the neighbourhood, working to evaluate and approve new projects within their vast catalogue of activities.

The committee is in charge of putting together and running various workshops to create, share and promote all the creative works produced at La Escocesa. The space itself is characterised by not saying no to any fresh ideas, where everything is tried and tested to offer as many workshops to citizens as possible.

La Escocesa isn’t the only space dedicated to art in Barcelona, but it is certainly one of the most innovative and unusual locations, due to the fact they do just about everything here! If you like this type of cultural activity, you can explore a number of other places in Barcelona dedicated to bringing art and culture to the masses, including Can Felipa, Can Ricart, la Casa de las Válvulas, Flor de Maig, Casa Picó and La Nave Modernista Pujades 97.

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